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Abrigall Hostel Masella


Masella is located on the northern slope of Tosa d'Alp , south of La Cerdanya, its location makes it a perfect location for your trip to this region.
Here you can make various excursions among tall pines of:
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Trail running
  • All-terrain vehicle
  • Snow rackets
  • Ski mountaineering
  • Ice climbing
Abrigall Hostel Masella


In the La Molina Adventure Park you can live adrenaline and fun experiences with a group of friends and family, thanks to the wide range of activities that can be done.
In the park you will find 4 circuits with zip lines, nets, Tibetan bridges, Tarzan jumps and many more games at height that will allow you to enjoy this vertical forest.
But the fun does not end here, you will also find an inflatable park for the little ones, where they can jump on trampolines, go tubbing downhill and even drive an electric quad ; as well as archery or enjoy a Segway ride through the mountains, discovering the extraordinary landscapes of La Cerdanya.
In addition, they organize different activities in La Cerdanya and its surroundings such as: canyoning, via ferrata and paintball .
Abrigall Hostel Masella


Puigcerdà is the capital of the region of La Cerdanya. There is knowledge of the population since its formation in the 12th century. It is known that it had a wall with eight access gates and an artificial pond , still existing, which was used to irrigate the crops. This pond is part of the Schierbeck Park and during the summer months it can be navigated with rowing boats .
With more than 250 shops and a wide variety of restaurants, they are showcases for the region's gastronomy. Throughout the year we find a wide range of cultural events, recreation and festive activities. In addition, it also has municipal sports facilities in its sports center, where you will find an ice rink , tennis court , paddle tennis court , swimming pool and weights and cardio rooms .
To get to know Puigcerdà, a series of routes are proposed from the tourism area with different themes, among which is the literary route "El juego del ángel" based on the novel by Carlos Ruíz Zafón.
As architectural heritage, it is worth highlighting the bell tower of the old church of Santa María , of which only remains and the 12th century tower remain. There is also the Romanesque church of Sant Tomàs de Ventajola , dating from the 10th century, of which it is worth noting the belfry with two openings. And as the last religious element, we must highlight the Convent of Sant Domènech de Puigcerdà .    
Abrigall Hostel Masella


Llívia is a cozy town at the foot of the Carlit peak, an "island" of Spanish territory , since it is surrounded by French territory. It was built at the foot of what was once an imposing castle, now in ruins. In the old town, the Bernat de So tower and the church bear witness to its medieval past .
Here you will find a mandatory stop in La Cerdanya, Llívia's pharmacy , this pharmacy, now converted into a museum, has been documented since 1594 and is considered one of the oldest in Europe . In the Museum, you can also see an important collection of archaeological and documentary material that reviews the entire history of the Villa.
You will also be able to see some examples of rural architecture in dry stone, which will show you the medieval way of life that they led in La Cerdanya, seeing the shepherd's huts, fences, terraces and the Carrasut aqueduct .
In addition, you can relax in its thermal waters , located in the Parc de Sant Guillem . The design of its four pools is inspired by the ancient Roman baths, a tribute to the fact that this town has the largest Roman forum in the Pyrenees.
Abrigall Hostel Masella


The Prats Equestrian is located in the town of the same name, Prats i Sansor . If you are looking for an activity that takes you out of the daily routine, the horse riding offers you the chance to discover the landscapes of La Cerdanya on horseback.
Its privileged location allows them to carry out routes of different durations , you can enjoy the nature that surrounds La Cerdanya and enjoy the most emblematic places of Prats i Sansor, such as its mill and the Prats Fort ; as well as walking trails crossing the Segre River , admiring the flora and fauna that surrounds it.
In addition, the equestrian center has a restaurant whose menu is based on homemade products from traditional Catalan gastronomy . They serve dishes such as noodle soup, 'trinxat' from La Cerdanya or different grilled meats.
Abrigall Hostel Masella


Montellà i Martinet is a municipality located to the south of the region of La Cerdanya, this municipality is located in the course of the Segre river , due to its importance in the population, we can find the Interpretation Center of fluvial ecosystems or Casa del río .
Since it is located within the Cadí - Moixeró Natural Park , it has an extraordinary environment and landscape. For this reason, we find natural spaces such as the Pradería del Cadí located at the foot of the mountain; the Ridolaina valley ; the Pradería de Aguiló located at an altitude of 1,700 meters and where there is a refuge; or the Cristall and Bast channels .
Despite this, the municipality also contains remarkable architectural elements, although all of them are religious. You will find the church of Sant Genís de Montellà , that of Sant Martí de Víllec and the Sanctuary of Santa Maria de Bastanist .
But without a doubt its strong point is the Bunkers Park of Martinet i Montellà , these were part of the Pyrenees Line , a series of 10,000 bunkers built during the Second World War from Cap de Creus to the Basque Country, in order to prevent the entrance of the allied troops.
The center organizes guided tours of eight of the surviving bunkers , visiting combat points , artillery points and a series of interconnected underground galleries . In addition, you can visit the interpretation center , where the hard experience of a soldier in the bunkers is recreated through audiovisual media.
Abrigall Hostel Masella


In the Berguedà region, on the south face of the Pyrenees and at an altitude of 1,450 metres, within the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park , you will find Castellar de N'Hug , a town to live all year round that has managed to maintain its structure and construction traditional of its houses, streets and squares, with which it forms an architectural ensemble worthy of admiration in its historic center .
Just below Castellar de N'Hug, you can visit the Llobregat Fountains , the birth of the river of the same name.
It is a natural spectacle of water and nature , which offers a wide range of different shades of colors throughout the year, its waterfalls are a spectacle during spring , when the nearby peaks melt.
In addition, it has the Cement Train , a 20-minute journey full of magic, this journey links Pobla de Lillet with the Clot del Moro area (in the municipality of Castellar de N'Hug) on this 3-minute journey, 5 kilometers, which is done through different spaces of tourist interest, such as the transport vehicle exhibition , located in the Pobla de Lillet station, the Artigas Gardens , designed by Gaudí, and the Cement Museum , next to Castellar de N'Hug station.
Abrigall Hostel Masella


Núria Valley is a corner accessible only by rack railway from Ribes de Freser , or on foot along paths with a long tradition in the hiking world. With the rack railway, users experience a world of sensations from the first moment: they enjoy the beauty and spectacular landscape that the Núria rack railway crosses.
In the Vall de Núria there are a variety of activities such as:
  • Mini golf
  • Orientation Circuits
  • Play park
  • Exhibitions
  • Horse and pony routes
  • Boat or canoe ride on the lake
You can also enjoy a cable car ride , arriving at Pic de l'Àliga , where you can enjoy wonderful panoramic views at 2,170 meters high.
Abrigall Hostel Masella


The Segre Olympic Park was built in La Seu d'Urgell in 1992, serving as the venue for the Barcelona Olympic Games of the same year. It is an 800-meter long channel that runs parallel to the Segre River and forks into two 500-meter whitewater channels, with a drop of 6.5 meters.
It is the ideal setting for practicing activities related to water, such as:
  • Rafting
  • Canoeing (in white water and in calm water)  
  • Hydrospeed
  • Stand up Paddle
  • Open-kayak
Apart from water sports, they also have walks through the calm water canals in an ecological boat directed by a monitor, in which you can enjoy a guided walk contemplating the fantastic views of the Segre valley and the Cadí mountain range.
They also have non-aquatic activities: such as a playground , a climbing wall and mountain bike excursions .
In addition, you will not have to worry about where to eat, its bar-restaurant is located at the foot of the calm water circuit, where you can enjoy perfect views of the Cadí Mountaing Range.
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